National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management 2014 - 7th Mar 2016

See page 26 of the Southern Rural Life 24 February edition.
What central government is telling regional councils to do about maintaining and/or improving freshwater quality and quantity nationally.

Also a look at Environment Southlands Water and Land 2020 and Beyond project and its journey to meeting the goals for water quality and quantity in the region

Water problems not all farming's fault - Smith - 7th Mar 2016

See page six for the above article.
See what Environment Minister Dr Nick Smith has to say about water quaility issues along with a round of national meetings to discuss the National Policy Statement on Fresh Water Management.
See what

Search for nitrogen solution - 30th Nov 2015

See the latest news on N Leaching and searching for a solution. It can be found on pages 24 and 25 of the Southern Rural Life paper. See the attached link

Scientists are working on a six-year project which combines expertise and resources  DairyNZ, AgResearch, Plant and Food Research, Landcare Research, Lincoln University and the Foundation for Arable Research.

Overhaul of the Resource Management Act - 30th Nov 2015

No waterway fences will bring instant fines!

Legislation aimed at overhauling the Resource Management Act will enable the Government to introduce national regulations that require farm stock to be fenced out of rivers and lakes, with instant fines for breaches.

Read the article:

Except from the fourth Report of the Land and Water Forum.

Stock Exclusion

Government asked the Forum for advice on the form of a national regulation to exclude stock from
waterways. We have recommended a framework that excludes dairy cattle, beef cattle, deer and
pigs from waterways on the plains and in lowland hills over time, while allowing flexibility in the
means by which this is done. Under this framework, councils will be able to require exclusion of
stock from critical source areas and areas of ecological importance in terrain where the national
stock exclusion regulation does not apply – such as hill country.
We have also made recommendations requiring the appropriate riparian setbacks and management
strategies. We suggest that the appropriate setback width should vary at different points along the
waterway according to the terrain, the contaminants being managed, and the effectiveness of
alternative mitigations.

National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management - 17th Nov 2015

While the dairy industry is in the spotlight for environmental compliance, other industry sectors such as sheep and beef and deer farmers need to be aware the National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management affects them also.

The following article outlines some of the issues facing the industry

Page 2 of the Business South paper has an interesting article by Chris Hutching "Farmers slow on uptake." This article relates to the number of farmers in Canterbury region that have knowledge of and have completed farm environmental plans.

See the link below


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